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Counseling and Psychotherapy in Marietta, GA

Finding Happiness | Counseling and Psychotherapy in Marietta, GA

We offer general counseling and psychotherapy in Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas, with a specialization in treating individuals with neurological problems such as ADD, ASD, TBI, and learning disabilities.

Our counseling and psychotherapy services are best known for the utilization of applied behavioral techniques to atypical populations, combining analytical and behavioral approaches, obtaining tangible goals and outcomes, integration of group therapy with other services, and being effective with difficult and hard-to-treat cases.

All of our clinicians have unique specialties and skills and pride themselves on being effective and nurturing with all of the people we treat.

We are in-network with most major insurance panels and can provide a sliding scale rate if needed. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Our Psychotherapy Services Build Valuable, Lifelong Skills

Navigating life with learning disabilities and other neurological conditions can be difficult, but Triad Psych, p.c. can give you the tools to make it easier. We’ve been serving, kids, adults, and families with these conditions for more than 17 years, with our staff offering 70+ years of combined experience. Triad has both one-on-one and group counseling to ensure that everyone can participate in the setup where they’re most comfortable. Together, we work on providing paths to success in the social and academic aspects of life for kids and adults in every group.

Our learning disability treatment and similar services can make all the difference in how well you or your child does throughout school, employment, and social relationships. It’s never too early or too late to receive counseling on everything from advocacy for ADA and IEP to strategies, solutions, and more. Plus, Triad Psych, p.c. makes it easy to meet and interact with others who may have similar struggles since we don’t separate by disability classification. Contact us today to inquire about experienced, professional counseling and psychotherapy in Marietta, GA. Everyone on our team looks forward to working with you.