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Social Skills Groups in Marietta, GA

Our autism services integrate group therapy with new approaches geared towards developing social skills for those with ADD and learning disabilities. Our social skills groups in Marietta, GA, generally meet in the evening, and can often be covered by your insurance plan. Please contact us for assistance with:

  • IEP Support &
  • Home & School-
    Based Consultation
  • ADA Service
  • 504 Service

Assistance for Every Age Group

We offer four separate groups that are based on the age of the clients. You or your child will be placed in a group with others who fit the category of an adult, high school teen, middle school adolescent, or elementary school child. These groups are open to any child, teen, or adult struggling with neurological or social issues. We do not believe in separating anyone based on a specific disability classification. Here is what you can expect to be covered in each group:

Adult Group

Formed as our high school clients graduated, this group aims to ease the transition from high school to other environments of adulthood. Adult issues, such as employment and relationships, are discussed.

High School Group

This group addresses the specific needs of high school students, such as coping with academic pressure, peer pressure, bullying, social media, and the transition from high school into college or the work world.

Middle School Group

The transition from elementary to middle school is often a challenge. This group eases the transition through skill-building, support, and mutual caring. Organizational skills are also taught and shared.

Elementary School Group

Catering to younger children, this group therapy emphasizes essential social skills for both home and school life. It also strives to ease the burden on newly diagnosed children and their families.