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Educational Services and Learning Strategies for Children in Marietta, GA

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One of the many wonderful things about children is that each one is a special individual. This means they all have unique personalities and learning styles. It is always essential to keep that fact in mind when developing educational approaches that are tailored to the skills and strengths of the child. That is what we do while providing learning and educational services for our students. We take an approach that is customized and successful for the student.

Triad Psych offers instruction in a wide range of advanced learning strategies for children in Marietta, GA, and the Atlanta area. While basic tutoring only provides content instruction, our strategies enable students to independently organize and apply this information. This is a great help to students who are struggling with learning disabilities, such as ADD, executive dysfunction, or anything associated with the autism spectrum.

We believe that children with disabilities should be given the same opportunities as all children. It is why we have created our learning programs to provide the most value to the student. We allow him or her to advance at a pace that is best for them, is encouraging, and enables the student to show real progress from an academic standpoint.

Special education advocacy is a pivotal role in which we can all play a part for our students. It is vital to identifying ways to make gains in the system by identifying what works and striving to update what should be addressed. In keeping with the “it takes a village” concept, we all have voices that we can use on behalf of students that would benefit from extra attention and specialized academic programs.

Making Education Easier

Our proprietary educational/learning strategies program is a hybrid of several strategies combined into one. Our founder, Dave Glick, utilized it while he was in graduate school at Boston University and interning at BU's Learning Disability Support Services office. A time-limited, 12-session model is used to foster independent learning for students of any age. It is an especially useful program for those with or without learning issues transitioning from high school to college.